AIOps is a machine learning-based data analysis platform designed to help automate operations and maintenance. It enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations and maintenance team by quickly identifying issues and providing alerts along with solution recommendations. As a result, it reduces false alerts and helps the team lower operating costs significantly, address issues promptly, and improve work performance.


KPI Prediction

Predict future values for a key performance indicator (KPI) based on historical data.

Anomaly Detection

Resolve or mitigate high alert issues in near real-time using machine learning.

Association Analysis

Complete visibility to evaluate data quality with just a few clicks.

Topic Analysis(SaaS vs Docker image

Identify semantic topics in bodies of text and the important words associated with each topic.

Root Cause Analysis

Locate the root causes of a problem to facilitate a timely solution.

Case Studies

A Cloud Service Provider

Leveraging multiple ML services to predict problems with high accuracy and low noise level; handle problems with efficiency

A telecom company

Leverage Prediction and anomaly detection to generate high quality alerts, classify alerts automatically, and unveil root causes of problems using Association Analysis