The commerce solution provides a set of services to help clients get more profound insights into their business through ML-based customer profiling, revenue prediction, and product/service recommendation, in order to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.


User Profiling(SaaS vs Docker image

BeyondLearning® User Portrait System uses artificial intelligence to help companies analyze user data and dig deeper into user information and behaviors. This facilitates understanding the user's overall feature preferences and divides users into core groups. Artificial intelligence technology performs intrinsic feature associations on user groups to find out the relationship between products and features. This assists enterprise decision-making and improves the operational efficiency of the enterprise.

Recommender(SaaS vs Docker image

BeyondLearning® recommender provides personalized recommendation for each user, and helps users to obtain interesting products, information and services through artificial intelligence. This allows media, e-commerce, news, reading, online education and other industries effectively improve click-through rate, marketing efficiency, user stickiness, and conversion rate.

Revenue Prediction(SaaS vs Docker image

BeyondLearning® helps companies create marketing forecasts that primarily predict user consumption. The customer only needs to provide the historical data set and specify the characteristics and prediction targets to complete the training of the prediction model.

Case Studies

A Cloud Service Provider

Recommend right items to right customers to increate CTR and increase revenue for e-Commerce, to achieve precision marketing

An e-Commerce company

Predict customers who have high risk to churn

An airlines company

Predict customers who can spend more money on certain services