Revenue Prediction

Project background

An international tour group, which provides comprehensive services and has detailed user data, mainly includes basic user information, group purchase information and consumption information, expects to predict the user's consumption in the whole trip by selecting data features, so as to quickly locate the consumption capacity of each new user and for each user personalized service. By applying the historical data to the prediction model, we can minimize risks and increase the rate of return on investment.


BeyondLearning® helps companies create marketing forecasts that primarily predict user consumption. The customer only needs to provide the historical data set and specify the characteristics and prediction targets to complete the training of the prediction model.


Please contact us if you encounter any problems using the service.

1. Install docker package

> For Windows
For detailed steps to install docker on Windows systems, see
> For Ubuntu
apt-get install docker
> For CentOS / RHEL
yum install docker
> For MacOS
dwnload the dmg file from below link:
brew cask install docker

2. Pull image from docker hub

docker pull beyondlearning/revenueprediction

3. Run image

docker run -p 8083:80 -dit --rm beyondlearning/revenueprediction

4. Browser website

Browser with address http://<docker machine ip>:8083 to view the updated website.