Topic Analysis

Project background

There are many different kinds of comments and message on Twitter, and we can select a certain period of time for news about a product, dig deep into several aspects of the product the users are mainly concerned about the product, so as to help the product operators to respond to the issues in advance.


AIOps provides a Topic Analysis service for the enterprise, which can use artificial intelligence to analyze a large number of comment messages, locate several import issues that users care about for a given product at a certain period, and provide these information to product operators, which can help them deal with problems according to their priorities and prevent problems going worse.


Please contact us if you encounter any problems using the service.

1. Install docker package

> For Windows
For detailed steps to install docker on Windows systems, see
> For Ubuntu
apt-get install docker
> For CentOS / RHEL
yum install docker
> For MacOS
dwnload the dmg file from below link:
brew cask install docker

2. Pull image from docker hub

docker pull beyondlearning/topicanalysis

3. Run image

docker run -p 8083:80 -dit --rm beyondlearning/topicanalysis

4. Browser website

Browser with address http://<docker machine ip>:8083 to view the updated website.