User Profiling

Project background

A bank has a large amount of savings, wealth management users and user information. It is expected that data mining and analysis will determine whether a user may purchase a bank's wealth management products, delineate a list of potential customers and non-target customers for banks, and provide products for bank promotion. Convenience and enhanced marketing efficiency.


BeyondLearning® User Portrait System uses artificial intelligence to help companies analyze user data and dig deeper into user information and behaviors. This facilitates understanding the user's overall feature preferences and divides users into core groups. Artificial intelligence technology performs intrinsic feature associations on user groups to find out the relationship between products and features. This assists enterprise decision-making and improves the operational efficiency of the enterprise.


Please contact us if you encounter any problems using the service.

1. Install docker package

> For Windows
For detailed steps to install docker on Windows systems, see
> For Ubuntu
apt-get install docker
> For CentOS / RHEL
yum install docker
> For MacOS
dwnload the dmg file from below link:
brew cask install docker

2. Pull image from docker hub

docker pull beyondlearning/userprofiling

3. Run image

docker run -p 8083:80 -dit --rm beyondlearning/userprofiling

4. Browser website

Browser with address http://<docker machine ip>:8083 to view the updated website.